Hearing God’s Voice/School of Prophetic

The Purpose

The vision for this training course is designed to equip the body of Christ to hear the Father’s voice, to grow in the ability to minister the voice of the Lord in our everyday lives, to help people develop a place of hearing God in one’s devotional time, and taking the voice of the Lord to our work  place. Plumbline Ministries desire is to release the compassion of the Lord into our everyday lives, our families, our churches, and nations. The meetings are designed to progressively build and equip the prophetic ministry and to reach a greater stature of Christ’s character and ministry.

The Teacher

The primary teacher is Brian Fenimore, the founder of Plumbline Ministries. He lives in Kansas City, Missouri with his wife and three children. He travels throughout the country conducting seminars on the prophetic, hearing God’s voice, and developing vision and purpose for the Christian life. He also teaches at the Grace Training Center in Kansas City, Missouri and is part of Metro Christian Fellowship. Also Brian is the director of the School for the Prophetic throughout the United States. (For more resources visit http://www.plumblinem.com)

Teaching Subjects:
Father Heart for the Prophetic
Maturation for the Prophetic
Listening Prayer
Foundation for the Prophetic
Words of Knowledge
Developing the Prophetic
Discerning of Spirit
What is a False Prophet
Heart Standard for the Prophetic
What is a True Prophet

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