Ignite the Fire!

We believe that North Minneapolis belongs to the Lord, and not the enemy. The kingdom suffers violence, and the violent take it by force! Our force is  pure prayer and praise! Will you join us according to Psalms 24 with clean hands and pure hearts to push darkness out and establish the Light of Heaven over and in the Northside. 
Sunday, May 21 at 6pm we will begin our season of prayer walking & at 7pm release a sound of corporate praise. This is both a local and national event as we will be in unity with saints in the North Border States of the Country to ignite a holy fire throughout the Nation. You will also be on the frontlines to hear about our full summer prayer walking and blessing schedule led by Rev. Melanie Leehy of MARCH in partnership with Tim Daniels of the 8:10 Project, Bishop Howell of Shiloh Temple, Rev. Richard Coleman of United CDC, and many others. 
Location: Shiloh Temple
Date: May 21
Time: 6pm
For matching visibility T-shirts for only $10 will be available.
Christians of all ages welcomed & encouraged to participate 
Bishop Howell, Timothy Daniels [Dir. 810 Project] , Rev. Melanie Leehy, Rev. Richard Coleman