After several years of developing and directing ministries locally and globally Melanie March Leehy launched Spirit and Truth Ministries in 1990 As a missional organization.  It was geared towards evangelism and discipleship that flows from a heart of worship. In 1994 that name changed to Mobilizing And Releasing Caring Hearts, Inc (MARCH). It has served multiple churches and para-church organizations in their efforts to develop outreach ministries, train disciples, participate in missions locally and abroad, and utilize people’s gifts and talents from the arts to business skills.

One of the most enjoyable programs was The Dwelling Coffee House that provided a safe place for disenfranchised youth to be loved and express themselves, while at the same time starting down the path of creating a sustainable business model.

While continuing to partner with others to bring about transformation on a local, state, and global level Melanie recognized a clear call to focus direct service opportunities in North Minneapolis in July 2007. This community being her birthplace gives Melanie a sense of coming full circle in what she calls a lifestyle of being “On A Mission Of Love.” Again partnering, serving others, and modeling reconciliation MARCH has decided upon a few different tactics for wholistic sustainability spiritually and socially.